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Written, Produced, and Directed by Ray Pointer

Approx. 29 min.

$12.95 DVD


The spirit of a people is endowed with a basic desire to seek personal definition through the concept of freedom for all. And the community of Morton Township and Mecosta village is an example of this concept. Frame within this special DVD are three of its stories which remind us of the importance of the basic human will to survive through a mutual respect for the many people who came to the area and contributed to its development.

The Little River School Story is the history of the landmark that greets visitors to School Section Lake Park. It was the second school built in the area and one of the first integrated schools in the nation nearly a century before the Civil Rights Movement.

The School Section Lake Story
is the history of Veteran's Park, commonly known as School Section Lake Park. It is the amazing story of Isaac Berry, the former Mulatto slave and his Caucasian wife, Lucy and their establishing the land as a public vacation site over 100 years ago.

A Nation Within Itself is the story of Mecosta Village, which is a testimony to the concept of ethnic diversity living in harmony. Following the lumbering era, Mecosta became a farming community that attracted people of many ethnic and racial backgrounds. This resulted in an atmosphere of integration in the 19th Century while the rest of the nation was still struggling with social divisions. Because of an understanding of the value of the individual, a society of acceptance of all made this village unique during this period of American history. With all of the division occurring in the world and the nation today, this is truly a story whose time has come.


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