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Animation Kits - Tips and Tricks 1
This is the first in a series of handy new booklets that show you a series of tips and tricks of inbetweening, assisting and animating. Each booklet is 40 pages. These booklets are companions to the Animation Kits that allow you to work on a series of animation assignments.

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$10.00 Kit

+ $1.00 ea. shipping

Animation: The Basic Principles
All the basic principles of animation are here, clearly explained with lots of illustrations and make 'em yourself flipbooks and a CD with 45 Quicktime movies of each of the examples. There are 24 different example based assignments in this book for you to do. If you're trying to get into an animation school or just learning how to animate so you can do some of your own Flash animation, this is a must have book!

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$45.00 Kit

+ $4.00 ea. shipping

Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation - Vol. 1
This book is a level above most other "How to Draw Cartoons" books that deal primarily with drawing for comic strips or comic books. Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation deals specifically with fully animated cartoon characters, which require much more three-dimensional drawing skills.

$25.00 Book

Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation - Vol. 2
Here are 8 College level assignments that take you through the thought process of designing your own cartoon characters. Each assignment is thoroughly explained with lots of visual examples.

$25.00 Book

Also available with an optional 1 hr 45 min video of Brian drawing and explaining each part of the book.

$20.00 VHS

Layout and Design Made Amazingly Simple
This book is a comprehensive study of all areas that are directly related to the process of layout within an animated cartoon. This is a fascinating area of animation production! Included are several background layout examples, along with more complex layout theories. You will find many visual examples as well as easy to understand explanations. This book is quickly becoming a standard text in many college level animation programs around the world.

$35.00 Book

The Advanced Layout and Design Workbook
This book is an extension of Layout And Design Made Amazingly Simple. The examples within the book show the progression of the character development, location design, storyboarding, and layout from the rough conceptual stage through to the final production packages.

$50.00 Book

Layout Examples
This book is an extension of The Advanced Layout and Design Workbook. In it are over 250 layout background examples taken from the suggestions in Section 4. Each layout is thoroughly explained for both composition and perspective. A great visual resource.

$25.00 Book